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Taxco - a Mexican "Pueblo Magico"

Chilli, tequila, mariachis, siestas, fiestas ... and of course, sterling silver jewellery! These are just some of the many things that Mexico is renowned for.

Beautiful Taxco, the ‘silver city’, has them all – especially the stunning sterling silver jewellery.

This picturesque colonial ‘magical town’ is characterised by its cobblestone streets winding upwards past white-washed homes, that ooze tradition, toward the town’s renown statue of Christ. The three-metre high ‘Cristo Monumental’ (similar to Rio de Janeiro’s Cristo) is one of the town’s most prominent landmarks. From the monument, opened in 2002, ‘la vista’ of the town and region is amazing and it provides one of the most impressive vantage spots for photo opportunities. 

Around 1520, the Spanish conquistadores learned that the inhabitants of ‘Tlachco’ (‘Place of the ballgame in the Aztec language, Nauhuatl) were using local silver as tribute payments to the Aztecs. After conquering the region, the Spanish renamed the town ‘Taxco de Alarcon’ after the famous playwright, Juan Ruiz de Alarcon y Mendoza, born in the region in 1581.

French-born Don Jose de la Borda, of Spanish descent became very wealthy from mining the region’s rich silver deposits and commissioned the pink stone, baroque-period Santa Prisca Church that is the pride of Taxco, centrally-placed in the town’s main zócalo.

Following a lull in the local silver industry,  Taxco’s American patron, William Spratling, is recognised as reviving the town’s economy, when he opened a silver workshop and staterd producing unique silver designs based on pre-Hispanic art. Spratling trained other artists and his reputation is alive to this day through the creative, unique styles found in Taxco’s silver jewellery, tableware and other pieces.

Taxco’s historic links to silver is celebrated through the annual silver fair, ‘Feria de la Plata’, held from  late November or beginning of December each year.

While famous for its silver craftsmanship, Taxco offers tourists so much more. There are many festivals and local attractions on offer. No matter what time of year you visit this magical pueblo, you are bound to be touched by Taxco’s romantic colonial architecture, its culture, delicious cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. 



Taxco from above

The centre of Taxco from above. Santa Prisca Church clearly visible in the town's 'Zocalo'.

Santa Prisca Church from the balcony of 'Hotel Agua Escondida'

Looking up across Taxco toward the 'Cristo Monumental'.

Santa Prisca Church at night

The three-metre high ‘Cristo Monumental’ (similar to Rio de Janeiro) providing a breath taking view.

The ‘Cristo Monumental’ looking out over Taxco.

One ot the many inner courtyards found in the centrally located Hotel Agua Escondida.

A traditional window decoration in the homes of Mexican towns seeing here in Taxco

Plata en granalla .999 (.999 pure silver resulting from the electrolytic process)