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Brazilian Drusy Quartz

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Brazilian Drusy Quartz

Drusy quartz (also known as Druzy or Druse) calms you when you are tense, helping to make you tense free when you wear it. The gem has is renown for its spiritual properties that have a positive impact by drawing out negative energies and stabilizing the aura that helps to clear the mind and encourage creative thinking.

The gem has healing properties that can aid in meditation. Drusy is believed to aid in increasing and balancing positive energies.

Drusy Quartz is produced when a fine sugar-like layer of quartz crystals forms within or on another stone. This is takes place when the ground water carrying dissolved silica is forced into a porous area of a stone and when it is rapidly cooled causes the formation of tiny crystals. Drusy takes on and enhances the host-stone’s colour and other qualities. This ‘magical star dust’ appearance gives it a stunning effect.

The gem has been used through the ages to help diagnose disease and is thought to increase the wearer’s extrasensory perception abilities.

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