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Tips for storing your sterling silver jewellery

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Avoid excessive tarnish and scratches to your favourite silver jewellery

Getting the most enjoyment out of our sterling silver jewellery to most of us means having it look its best and subsequently helping us to look our best when we wear it.

In addition to cleaning your favourite pieces, try storing your silver jewellery with consideration to the following simple storage tips to help keep it free of excessive tarnish and increase the longevity of its beautiful shiny lustre:

  • Store your silver jewellery in a cool, dry place away from excessive humidity and sunlight
  • Keep each piece stored separately in an airtight container, or zip lock bag
  • Absorb excess moisture from your jewellery box by adding a piece of chalk, recycled little silica packs (like in shoe boxes), or an anti-tarnish cloth
  • Put your silver jewellery on after applying cosmetics, hairsprays or perfumes
  • Remove your sterling silver pieces before using any chemicals at the end of the day

Regardless of whether you use a commercial jewellery box or keep your jewellery in a drawer or cabinet, or if you use a piece of chalk or commercially available anti-tarnish cloth, if you store your silver jewellery in a manner that avoids excessive moisture, sunlight and scratches you will get years of joy and satisfaction from your jewellery.


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