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Amber: Ease stress and enjoy its warmth

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Amber is a warm stone to wear, providing positive electrical energy. Amber is not a stone, as such, but fossilised tree resin dating back about 300 million years ago to the Carboniferous Period. It is renowned for its healing properties, bringing those who were it emotional balance and a sense of positive health and healing.

Amber is reputed to help remove negative energy and aids in easing pain in the joints, having a positive effect on the stomach and organs including the liver and cleansing the blood.

The beautiful warm colours, ranging from a pale gold to dark orange, and its positive aura makes it ideal to wear as jewellery where it is easily work close and allowed to work its ‘magic’.

Archaeologists have unearthed many amber artefacts dating as far back as 2,000 b.c. or longer including:

·       An amber amulet in the shape of a gladiator’s helmut, found among thousands of Roman artefacts on a London building site close to the River Thames; and

·       Amber jewellery found among the riches of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb.

There are also examples of insects being preserved in amber pieces dating back to more than 200 million years ago. It is thought that discoveries of fossilised insects in amber among ancient civilisation’s artefacts demonstrate a belief that the amber would bring abundance during hunting and gathering necessities of the times.

See Moon Zenith for examples of sterling silver amber jewellery.


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