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About MZ

Moon Zenith takes great pride introducing quality sterling silver jewellery made from genuine 'Mexican' silver - Mexico is the world’s largest producer of silver, which is famous for its quality.

The silver in our sterling silver jewellery is sourced from Mexico's mines and designed by experienced artisan's in Mexico’s 'Silver City', Taxco. This allows us to confidently offer consistent quality and beauty that authentic Mexican '925' sterling silver provides.

Starting with a selection of sterling silver rings sold through wholesale in 2004, we now proudly offer a large collection of stunning rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings, which we offer through party plans and online.

Feedback, Testimonials & Reviews

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of the Stylish Jewellery collection or website. Your comments help us to continue providing jewellery that satisfies and delights. Please feel free to email your comments to [email protected] or connect with us through social media:

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You also have the option to write a review and share with friends details of any individual jewellery piece directly from the relevant jewellery page.